Lamezia, the Council approves the Structural Plan. Test bench for the Administration


By John

The last piece has been put in place: with resolution number 274 yesterday, the municipal structural plan was definitively approved by the municipal council. Now the proposal will reach the City Council which will have to give the final approval for adoption. The Mascaro administration moves forward, despite the tensions within the majority which have led to a split that is unlikely to heal, and which has led to increasingly narrow numbers in the Council.
With the approval of the urban planning instrument, a long training process ends, but also, as the Mascaro Executive is keen to underline, “citizen participation and acquisition of opinions as required by the relevant laws”. The thrust is aimed at those who in recent months have gone against the approval of the PSC, such as the Lamezzo progressive and environmentalist group formed by Pd and Pentastellati, who on several occasions have criticized the urban planning instrument drawn up at the time of Mayor Speranza under the supervision of the Bolognese urban planner Giovanni Crocioni. The definitive approval of the municipal structural plan, they say from via Perugini, «is now one step away from the final goal and with the next approval in the municipal council the city of Lamezia will have a new urban planning tool almost thirty years later. An urban planning tool that takes care of the territory, its numerous peculiarities and fragilities, proposing various protection and risk mitigation actions. A plan that proposes an orderly and rational but above all sustainable development with respect for the environment and with a view to man-nature balance.”