Lamezia, the warning from the president of the Assizes: “Now let’s all roll up our sleeves”


By John

Council groups that are formed and others that dissolve. Outgoing councilors and others awaiting appointment. The telluric movement continues among the council seats after the adhesion of Mayor Mascaro and his loyalists to Forza Italia, which marked the end of the “civic” experience in via Perugini. While waiting to know what the councilors who have not yet been “placed” will do, Prime Minister Giancarlo Nicotera does not consider the era of civility to be over.
«I don’t agree with the distinction between civility and parties – he explains to Southern Gazette Giancarlo Nicotera – in the Italian language, I quote verbatim, civism means: “Awareness of the duties of a citizen which manifests itself in actions and behaviors useful to the common good”. The civic person is someone who must be immersed in civil society, perceiving its needs and projections; he is certainly not someone who comes out of his niche to offer his professorial contribution in the electoral campaign. A lot of civility exists and must exist in the parties; Personally, I have been in the world of associations and volunteering for a lifetime and I have never experienced this dualism. Citizenship and politics are two sides of the same coin. Everyone should roll up their sleeves and offer what they can for the social well-being of the community.”