Lists to be presented in 7 days but in Nicotera politics is silent


By John

One week to go until the deadline for submitting the lists for the renewal of the City Council, but there is no trace of electoral skirmishes in the city. The air you breathe only smells of despondency. There are no positive signals coming from Palazzo Convento either. The current administration, led by Pino Marasco, shows no signs of vitality. The city council closed its doors without addressing the debate on the motion of no confidence in the mayor presented by the opposition.
The “Movi@vento” group reacted with the resignation of its councillors Antonio D'Agostino, Maria Buccafusca And Salvatore Pagano; the League hasn't even found the pride to make this last step. This being the case, the electoral campaign should not offer any notable insights. Having nothing to lose, only the “Rinascita Nicoterese” group headed by Mayor Marasco could present the list. Possibly, the only obstacle to overcome would be that of the quorum. The recurring thought, however, would also like Marasco out of the picture.