Maddy Cusack, the star footballer of Sheffield United, dies suddenly at the age of 27


By John

The footballer Maddy Cusackrecently reconfirmed in Sheffield UnitedAnd died suddenly at the age of 27. The club expressed deep sorrow at his passing and asked for respect for privacy, providing no details on the cause of death.

Maddy Cusack, who had played for Aston Villa, Birmingham City and Leicester City, had been at Sheffield United since 2019 and he had played over 100 games for the team. She had also been named one of the captains last month and worked in their marketing department.

Stephen Bettis, chief executive of Sheffield United, highlighted his popularity and unique role at the club. Leah Williamson, captain of the England women’s team, and Sue Campbell, FA director of women’s football, expressed their condolences.