Yet another black smoke in the Council: today is a showdown for the Municipality of Lamezia


By John

The atmosphere is surreal to say the least, the nervousness and tension are cut to pieces. The councilors, the mayor and the councilors arrive one by one and after the usual pour parler among the groups of councilors in the Luisi room, the president of the municipal council Giancarlo Nicotera he promptly calls the first roll call at 9. He is alone on the majority benches Annalisa Spinelli, elected on the civic list “Assieme Mascaro Sindaco”; among the opposition benches Aquila Villella (Democratic party), Lucia Citizen (New era), Rosario Piccioni (Lamezia common good), Rosy Rubino And Mimmo Gianturco (Lamezia first of all), Antonio Lorraine (Brothers of Italy), Antonio Mastroianni And Matteo Folino both from Forza Italia. In total 11 present and 14 absent. Since there is no quorum, we postpone the second roll call at 9.30 am but things do not change: Annalisa Spinelli remains the only one to represent the majority while the minority councilors are joined Pietro Gallo (Brothers of Italy). This is the brief chronicle of yesterday morning’s council meeting, yet another black smoke from the first meeting which has been repeated for months now.