Majority coupon at the Municipality of Catanzaro: all the aspirants for a seat in the council


By John

Short times but not too long. The majority vote at Palazzo De Nobili will require a few more weeks of discussion and reflection. The mayor spoke of rapid timing, so as not to be on the gridiron nor to keep the coalition itself there. But it is the political confrontation that dictates the times. Expand the perimeter, an intention that emerges from the declarations with which Fiorita announced the opening of the verification phase, it requires prudence in order not to destroy the existing framework but also a certain meticulousness in defining any future agreements, around which administrative action will be based. Moreover, the mayor himself has clarified that everything will be directed towards changing methods and objectives, a change of pace which, evidently, has not so far been given to the government of Palazzo De Nobili two years after its inauguration and after an initial cutting, with council reshuffle, arrived in the summer of last year.
The situation develops on several levels. If on the one hand the mayor meets, speaks and engages with the majority representatives and beyond, on the other, in the varied council geography there are also internal movements within the different areas. In a phase of change such as the current one, in fact, different components of the Chamber, even among the ranks of the opposition, could look with interest at the movements of the mayor and his majority, trying to build new formations, even transversal, so as to go to support the administration but also to try to play the card of entering the council.