Moscow, United States responsible for the attack in Crimea. Five people died, including three children


By John

I am five, including three children, people killed in Sevastopol, Crimea, in the Ukrainian missile attack, while five other children are in intensive care. The governor of the city says so Mikhail Razvozzhayev, according to what Russian agencies report. As a result of the attack «124 people were injured: of these, three children and two adults later died. Furthermore, five children are in intensive care,” Razvozzhayev said in a video commentary posted on his Telegram channel. “The situation in Uchkuevka is difficult, all available emergency medical teams have been sent there, they have already been taken to hospital, they are receiving all the help they need,” reads the message written by the governor on Telegram.

Among the five killed in the Ukrainian missile attack on Sevastopol there is also Oleg Averyanov’s daughter, the deputy mayor of the port city of Magadan. This was announced by Interfax, which quotes the mayor of Magadan, Yury Grishan. «There are children among the victims, including Sofia, 9 years old, the daughter of the deputy mayor of Magadan. The little girl was on holiday in Sevastopol with her parentsi», writes Grishan on Telegram, offering his condolences.

The Russian Defense Ministry has blamed Washington for the deadly attack on Sevastopol using Atacms missiles. «All flight specifications for the use of Atacms are entered by US specialists on the basis of their own satellite reconnaissance data. For this reasonor the responsibility for the deliberate missile attack against civilians in Sevastopol lies primarily with Washington which supplied these weapons to Ukraine, and on the Kiev regime, from whose territory the attack was carried out,” the ministry states, Interfax and Tass write, adding that such actions “will not go unpunished.”

Putin in contact with Crimean government

The Russian president Vladimir Putin is in contact with the Crimean government and military following Ukraine’s attack on Sevastopol which left 5 dead, including three children. This was announced by his spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, quoted by the Tass agency. «The president is in contact with the administration and the health service. The main task now is to offer all necessary assistance to the wounded. The president is also in contact with the military,” he said. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Kiev launched a terrorist attack on the civilian infrastructure of Sevastopol with the use of ATACMS tactical missiles carrying cluster munitions. Four missiles were shot down by Russian air defense systems, while another exploded over the city. Meanwhile, governor Mikhail Razvozzhayev has proclaimed a day of mourning for tomorrow. “Due to the tragedy that occurred today, tomorrow, June 24, will be declared a day of mourning in Sevastopol,” writes Razvozzhayev on Telegram.