Mar Galceran, the first parliamentarian with Down syndrome in Spain


By John

Mar Galcerána woman with down syndromewill get the job next week regional deputy in Valenciain Spain: this is what was announced today by the governor of this territory, Carlos Mazón, and by the group of which they both belong, the Popular Party (PP).

Forty-four years old, Galcerán was a candidate for the PP in the local elections of May 28th. Initially, she was not among those elected, but a series of nominations among those who preceded her on the list meant that these scrolled down to her name.

“I will work to serve the citizens,” declared the person concerned, who currently holds the position of secretary for the Service Area for People with Different Capabilities of the Valencian PP. According to what she herself said, Galcerán has been active in this party for several years. «You have to overcome yourself, set yourself goals and objectives because in the end, no matter what the cost, with perseverance you can always reach them», she argued.