Messina, the break risks being prolonged. Taranto asks Lega Pro to postpone the match


By John

Messina’s forced stop risks continuing: after the postponement of the match against Casertana (11 October), the Giallorossi are still not certain whether or not the match will be disputed external match against Taranto on Monday 18th, due to the damage caused by the fires that affected the “Iacovone” stadium and which have already led to the postponement of Brindisi-Catania. In the morning the Apulian company issued this press release:

View unavailability of the stadium Erasmus Iacovone for the race with the Messina scheduled on September 18, according to the communication Protocol N.0215741/2023 of 13/09/2023 received from municipality of Tarantothe society Taranto Football Club 1927 communicates that he has forwarded the postponement request of the aforementioned tender on a date to be determined.


In this situation the Peloritani would have to stop another week and return to the field on Thursday 21st in the home debut against Turris, but in the coming months they would be forced into a tour de force with at least three close matches to make up for the postponed commitments. A final decision from the Lega Pro is awaited, which is still slow in arriving, complicating the aspects related to the preparation of the match, but also the logistical ones.
Meanwhile, the team trains as if it were going to take the field: Monday’s test against the Maltese Valletta opened the work week, providing interesting ideas.
The coach tried new solutions with Frisenna at play, Ortisi at left back, already adapted in previous outings, and a trident under with Cavallo, Zunno and Luciani: «It was a good test to check our state of health. The indications were positive. I had already tried Frisenna in that role in training camp and I wanted to check out a possible replacement for Giunta. Both he and Ortisi did well. Even in attack – explained the coach – there are alternative solutions, but not in the sense that one player has ownership and the others are reserves.”
We all start on the same level and, based on their condition, the necessary assessments will be made: «I gave playing time to those who had just come back from injury or those who had participated little in previous matches. I got good answers – reiterated Mr. Modica –. These are situations that allow us to improve the condition, understand what level we are at and try our solutions.”
Technical tests also in defense because, despite finding Manetta who has served his suspension, the Giallorossi coach used the Ferrara-Pacciardi pairing in the first half: «I’m evaluating all the human, technical and tactical material. Ferrara was coming off an injury and I tried to understand what a possible couple could be that could provide guarantees. The championship is long and you have to understand which player works best with another.”
Useful indications also from striker Vincenzo Plescia: «I saw him very well, he moved for the team, attacking the depth and had two important opportunities, also earning a penalty that was not awarded. The boy is excited, he wants to be useful and lend a hand. This is demonstrated by the fact that he has already lost four kilos. They are fundamental answers, important indicators and I am convinced that Plescia will have a great championship”, underlined Mr Modica who is waiting for the best Ragusa, blocked by physical problems: “He can carry out a work programme, hoping that the injury is a distant memory. He has been standing still for a while and we are waiting for him.”