Meloni on the Atreju stage: the lunge for Ferragni, the message for Schlein and the applause for Vox. Salvini: “The Bridge over the Strait will be an emblem”


By John

The prime minister and leader of FdI, Giorgia Meloni, took to the Atreju stage as a surprise and before her final speech at the party. And addressing the audience she said: “I want you to give a long round of applause to Santiango Abascal. I want to thank my friend again, with Vox we will continue to work together side by side to strengthen our political family and make it an increasingly protagonist of the Europe to come“. Thus the prime minister and Fdi leader Giorgia Meloni from the Atreju stage.

“The best party ever, thanks Arianna”

«Thanks to all those who worked hard in via della Scrofa» for the success of Atreju, «including Arianna». You also mention your sister, who is responsible for membership and the political secretariat of Fratelli d’Italia, the Prime Minister. «Atreju this year is much more beautiful than all the previous editions, than all those that I had been so proud to organize and it makes me proud to know that while I was busy elsewhere, someone else took this infinite story on their shoulders and continued to make it grow”, said the prime minister. “This is something that many people envy us, that there are young people who still believe in politics and militancy who fight for their ideas: it is rare and precious,” she said.

“Having children serves to give continuity to our civilization”

«Having children serves to give continuity to our civilization and to strengthen our welfare system and while the left believes that the problem can be solved only with immigration, we really want to solve it by helping Italians to bring children into the world, because children are the essence of every society, they are the great human capital of the nation”, said Meloni on the sidelines of the day.

Abolish Citizenship Income? “I would do it again!”

The abolition of citizenship income? «I would say it a thousand times. We need to distinguish between those who can work and those who cannot, it’s called justice. I don’t intend to buy people’s consent.”

The prime minister’s attack on Chiara Ferragni

«Infuencers are not those who make tons of money by putting on clothes or bags or promoting expensive panettoni making people believe that charity will be done, but whose price will only serve to pay millionaires’ fees». Thus the prime minister and leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, referring to the fine imposed on Chiara Ferragni without mentioning her, from the Atreju stage.

Tolkien, the perils of the Ring and the value of the Fellowship

“It’s true, that ring is treacherous.” Giorgia Meloni talks about Tolkien – also joking about the fact that «for the left that would be the only book I would have read, and we don’t want to shake their certainties…” – and quotes from memory the passage on the Ring from the Lord of the Rings .
A warning about the lures and risks of power, balanced, as he clarifies immediately afterwards, referring equally to the imagery of Tolkien’s works, to the strength of the Company, that of the Ring, in fact. The Prime Minister and FdI leader speaks, in the closing of Atreju, of “good people”, and assures that “that ring will never have us” and that “we are today the same people we were yesterday”.

“Dear Elly, there’s no point in insulting, you lack the courage”

A message also to the left, the one that the FdI leader addresses to Schlein: «Dear Elly, you can also decide not to participate but there is no need to insult all those who have decided to participate, just because they have shown that they have courage you obviously lack it.”

“Forward in the name of Falcone, Borsellino and Dalla Chiesa”

«The capture of Messina Denaro and others is not a credit to the government but always a credit to the investigators and the police forces whom we continue to thank, but I am convinced that the government can play a fundamental role if it has the courage to say to who is on the field ‘Count on me, I’ve got your back’. We will continue to do so in the name of Falcone, Borsellino, Dalla Chiesa, Emanuela Loi and all the heroes who showed us what the path to follow was.”

Salvini, the Strait Bridge will be the emblem of Italian engineering

“There is a bridge that will have to do justice to millions of Sicilians who can be connected to the rest of Europe.” This was said by the leader of the League Matteo Salvini, who also took the stage at Atreju. «It will be the emblem of Italian engineering, Italian engineers are the best in the world, let’s bring them back to Italy to design, build and unite – added the deputy prime minister and minister of Infrastructure -. When Landini said that the bridge over the Strait of Messina should not be built, I committed to working an extra hour because it is the government’s duty to unite Italy from north to south.”

Stability pact, budget, interest rates and Europe: Tajiani’s intervention

“If the ECB finally lowers rates, as we have been asking for months, this could also influence the reaching of the agreement for the Stability Pact. Since there is no rush, we believe that the entire macroeconomic issue of financial policy must also be addressed European Union, also looking at all the other aspects, I am thinking of fiscal harmonisation, the Banking Union and the capital market”. Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said this. “We want the Stability and Growth Pact to exist but we don’t want it as a Pact that is non-growth and penalizing for Italy, a Pact that we cannot respect”, reiterated the leader of Forza Italia. “It is a question of credibility, we want a pact that takes into account the expenses for Ukraine, for European commitments such as the green deal. Then – he added -, there is the problem which also concerns the interest rates on the debt. If the ECB will finally lower rates, as we have been asking for months, because it is right to facilitate families and businesses because the cost of money is excessive, even more so today when there has been a strong reduction in inflation, this could also influence the achievement of the ‘ agreement for the Pact. Since there is no rush, we believe that the entire macroeconomic issue of European financial policy must also be addressed, also looking at all the other aspects, I am thinking of fiscal harmonisation, the Banking Union and the market of capital”. “If you are pro-European – continued the deputy prime minister – you have to look at everything together, I also say this to the Italian political forces: I hope that everyone is committed to achieving these objectives, because in Europe you cannot make an à la carte choice. the solution must be one of mediation, if we are truly pro-European we must have a European macroeconomic policy.”

On the maneuver Tajani said he was “satisfied because it is the maximum of what could be done, we have made the adjustments that we had asked for on housing and pensions and doctors and public employees, and we are working because in the maneuver or in other measures, such as the one on extensions, there may be a short extension for the superbonus which concerns condominiums that have already completed 70% of the work. So no tolerance for cheaters, but for honest people we must have an eye on it, and allow the work to be completed on schedule of arrival”. To those who asked him if the League agreed, Tajani replied: “Everyone says what they want, I don’t let myself be influenced by the thoughts of others: these are Forza Italia’s proposals. I don’t say no to what others say, I sit at the table, I make my proposals. We don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to make proposals. I have no inferiority complex but – he concluded – no superiority complex either”.

Fitto: “Meloni solid on the international level”

“The government is working on the budget and so is Parliament. It seems to me that a concrete agenda has been outlined which will be on schedule, as has always happened with budget laws in other years without there being any debate at this time “. Thus the Minister for European Affairs, Raffaele Fitto, arriving at the party in Rome. “We do not enter into the constitutional affairs of other sovereign countries – added Fitto -, but it seems to me that yesterday President Rama used clear expressions and indicated solutions also from the point of view of timing. So it seems to me to be a positive path to continue on “.

“The presence of international guests at Atreju demonstrates Giorgia Meloni’s centrality at an international level not only in terms of relationships, which are very solid, but also in terms of the issues addressed. For example, the issue of immigration has become central, not only in the debate but also in the solutions, if it is true that for the first time the so-called external dimension, i.e. the Mediterranean, has been addressed, with choices made to provide organic responses at a European level”. Fitto then concluded that “The letter from the President of the European Commission, von der Leyen before the last European Council also ensured that this aspect became central, with a precise call to the action and initiative of the Italian government, for example with what was imagined in Albania or implemented in Tunisia”.