Meloni, the tax on banks? “My idea, I would do it again”. And in view of the Europeans: “No veto on Le Pen”


By John

The tax on extra profits to banks? “Of course I would do it again, it’s an initiative that I wanted”says the prime minister Giorgia Meloni interviewed by Corriere, Repubblica and La Stampa. «I have the utmost respect for the banking system and I have no intention of hitting the banks. But there was a situation of imbalance », she explains. “The banking system was quick to raise mortgage rates, but it left the rates that were recognized to savers unchanged and a distortion was created.” Meloni understands the criticisms of Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani (FI) of the provision. «There can certainly be a question of method»-he says, «I involved the majority to a lesser extent because the question, let’s say, shouldn’t have turned too much». “This is a very particular and delicate matter on which I have taken on the responsibility of intervening”. And he assures that the Minister of Economy «Giorgetti has been fully involved».

In view of the Europeans, thinking on the alliance with Marine Le Pen, «I don’t have the authority to veto anyone – says Meloni -. And in any case it is a theme that I do not ask myself today ». “I work to grow the conservative family”, “I would like to build a homogeneous alliance. I don’t believe in broad agreements”, she explains.

On the clash with the president of Emilia-Romagna Stefano Bonaccini over the funds for the flood, Meloni warns: “If someone wants to make politics on reconstruction, he can do it, but he must know that he is doing it on the skin of the citizens”. And he adds: “Frankly, I don’t understand why Bonaccini is asking me for a meeting. Maybe because he doesn’t recognize the figure of special commissioner Figliuolo?». «It seems to me that Bonaccini is very nervous and I don’t think for the reconstruction issue, but for the choices we have made on the commissioner.

On the minimum wage “I said something specific: let’s give Cnel sixty days, in time for the budget law, to make an overall proposal for the fight against poor work which may include the issue of the minimum wage for some categories”. “What I rule out is that a single and generalized provision on the minimum wage can be tackled with an issue that exists and which is that of low wages,” he adds.

As for the Pnrr, “we have not cut anything, the works will be continued”. “We want to do what it takes to modernize this nation and we are shifting some funds to other items of the state budget,” concludes Meloni.