Merger between Cosenza Castrolibero and Rende: a founding pact proposed by the “Yes” forces


By John

The position of the municipal administrations of Cosenza and Castrolibero (Rende remains on stand-by due to the administration of the institution) is quite well known regarding the issue of the single city, reiterated in recent days during a joint press conference and launched by numerous associations and movements present between Crati and Campagnano, strongly opposed to the current fusion project put in place by the centre-right to the Region.
An address espoused by the provincial Democratic Party, determined to characterize their thoughts with respect to a highly topical topic, perhaps through the promotion of a specific initiative to be organized by return post. The idea emerged last night during a specific meeting held in the Bruzia Federation of Democrats.
Yesterday's meeting in the Federation was very well attended and equally constructive. No one expressed opposition to the implementation of the single city, but under certain conditions and based on clear criteria. «The theme of the single city – is reported in one of the key passages of the document signed unanimously by those present – ​​must be removed from the dynamics of political contingency. It cannot be waved like a club according to party convenience. A founding act of historical nature must be sanctioned and it cannot be a divisive issue between the political groups competing for the government of the city and the Region. For this purpose the Democratic Party of the city of Cosenza proposes to create a real “Founding and constituent pact of the Yes forces” following the merger. A choice that cannot fail to be interpreted other than as a manifestation of will aimed at building a participatory city model and not an institutional reality imposed from above.