Clashes during Padua-Catania: 17 bulletins from the police station to red and blue ultras


By John

At the end of the investigations into the serious clashes on Tuesday evening at the Euganeo stadium during the Padova-Catania Italian Cup, the police headquarters in the Euganean capital issued 17 warnings against as many Catania ultras. Of the total provisions, signed by the commissioner Marco Odorisio, seven have a duration of 10 years, and six of these provide for the obligation to sign for the same period; five have a duration of 5 years (of which four require signature for three years) while the other five will end after two years. Three of the Sicilian ultras, it emerged from the investigation carried out by Digos and the anti-crime police division, had already been involved in the clashes of 2 February 2007 at 'Massimino' stadium, during the Catania-Palermo derby, when the chief inspector of the State Police Filippo Raciti was killed. The 17 daspos reached the 11 arrested protagonists of the pitch invasion, as well as six other Catania ultras who filtered into the Padua railway station on Tuesday evening, before taking the train to Catania and found in possession of smoke bombs, firecrackers and a bomb paper.

Among those arrested, also a 40-year-old, already the recipient of the daspo in 2015 and 2017, as well as burdened in various ways by precedents for mafia association, robbery, drugs, who allowed the invasion of the pitch by around sixty Etna troublemakers, opening the handle of the emergency exit on the north curve.