“Messin… table” is back. The chops are the protagonists


By John

In Messina, woe to those who call them “rolls”! If in other Italian cities “braciole” simply means slices of lean meat to be grilled, Messina style braciole are something else entirely. And yes, they are the protagonists of the fourth challenge of “Messin…tavola”, the RTP television “cooking show”, hosted by Valeria Zingale and Salvatore De Mariawhich is enjoying great success in the city.

After the swordfish challenge, won by Maria Calabria, the first woman to secure a place in the semi-final, tonight's challenge, at 9pm, on Rtp-canale 19, will see the Teresa Marrone59 years old, doctor, e Roberto Trapa, 24 years old, student. Two different generations compared and, possibly, two different ways of cooking this typical dish of our culinary tradition. «It will be a wonderful challenge between Teresa Marrone and Roberto Trapa – comments the presenter Valeria Zingale -. Chops are one of the most loved dishes of Messina cuisine, but everyone has their own “family” secret for making them best, so it will be interesting to see who comes out on top. Teresa has her experience on her side, while Roberto, who is the youngest of the competitors in the race, has a great desire to get involved: as always, the best will win.”

Traditional chops are prepared with slices of meat very similar to those of carpaccio. Once upon a time, in Messina, the cut of meat used for chops was called “a lettudgedda,” and it was with this name that they were ordered by the trusted butcher. These were cubes of beef or veal, which were flattened and filled with breadcrumbs, oil, garlic, parsley, pecorino, parmesan and caciocavallo. Once closed, the chops were covered with a layer of crumbs moistened with oil, threaded one after the other onto a skewer and ready for the grill.

The jury

We have therefore reached the halfway point of this fantastic television journey dedicated to the food and wine culture of Messina. This challenge also promises a lot of fun for viewers at home, especially thanks to the participation of an exceptional jury. 7 judges, of which 3 fixed and 4 variable. Among the three fixed ones, we will find Renato Salvadoredirector of Gran Mirci, which hosts the event at Villa Ida; Alberto Palella, president of Confesercenti and creator of the Messina Street Food Fest; And Salvatore De Maria, who will be in the double role of juror and co-host together with Valeria Zingale. He will be present again Nicola Cicero, professor of food chemistry at the University of Messina. At his side, Daniela Siracusanoarchitect; Saro Gugliottapresident of AssoCibo, e Flora Mondello of the Gaglio Vignaioli company and president of the Mamertino Doc Consortium.

Also for this fourth episode, the “Messin…tavola” staff continues to make use of the precious editorial coordination of Mauro Cucèof the technical coordination of Roberto Traviadirected by Antonio Grasso and the Produzioni Video Pvk staff and the supervision of Speed ​​for the commercial part.