Messina, after the budget the hiring: here’s who will be the first enlisted at Palazzo Zanca


By John

A vote, yesterday’s, that will change the lives of almost 600 people. As soon as Cosfel agrees with the plan prepared by the Municipality, hiring will begin. It will be a historic day (we know it is an overused term) for a city that has regained confidence with competitions in local authorities after many years. A large turnover that has been missing at Palazzo Zanca since the last century with those who took part in that last competition now close to retirement.
«How important are these assumptions? They are fundamental » says Federico Basile hotly after the long morning of debate which culminated with the vote on the “final package”. «We have 900 employees compared to a workforce of 1400. And retirements are continuous. It is a municipality that is aging and that needs to organize its work differently from the past. The arrival of fresh forces will also be a support and a stimulus for those who are already inside.”
The first signatures on the contracts are expected before Christmas because exactly one year after the launch of nine calls (in which 26 thousand candidates participated) the selection process is over for more than one, or so.
The first to enter Palazzo Zanca on a permanent basis will, in all likelihood, be the 25 new accounting officials whose ranking has become definitive a few days ago. A first injection for the many offices struggling with the preparation of the administrative and technical activities of the new European and state programming.
Other rankings should also become provisional to definitive in the next ten days. For example, the one for the 5 lawyers who would be a fundamental support for the 3 “survivors” of the Municipality’s legal office. Those for the 20 legal officials (the provisional list has recently been revised) and for the 5 officials of the supervisory area are in the pipeline. Before the end of the year, the rankings of two other competitions should crystallize: the one for the seven accounting instructor positions and also for the 50 administrative instructors, for which there is curiosity.
With 12,555 applications submitted, it was by far the most “attended” competition. The pre-selection had reduced the candidates to just under 300 and 74 of them then took on the written test. At the time of the oral exam, however, there were 14 absences to which were added 18 candidates deemed unsuitable.

All things considered, the commission could only declare 42 people as winners, that is, 8 fewer than what was needed. How they will be replaced is a puzzle currently being solved at Palazzo Zanca and one hypothesis is that other competitions could be fleshed out by drawing on the suitable candidates excluded (the same goes for another 75 hires scheduled for ’24).

Cosfel should also give the green light to stabilization of the 46 Municipal Police officers who won a competition, but for a fixed term. And then the green disc is also expected the 2024 hiring “campaign” in which the maxi competition for 100 traffic policemen stands out. Even in this case it would be a powerful injection into a sector that is in immediate need. The tender is expected by the end of the year.