Messina, anniversary of Antonello’s exhibition. Sgarbi enchants with his lectio magistralis


By John

Having received the invitation from the mayor Federico Basile to hold a Lectio Magistralis, as part of the 70th Anniversary of the Antonello Exhibition of 1953 and learned some details of the event scheduled for December from councilor Enzo Caruso, the undersecretary of Culture, Vittorio Sgarbi took to the stage focusing his speech on the great figure of Antonello da Messina and then Ghersi.

At the end of the speech, after having described the path that led to the reunification at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence of Antonello’s triptych “Madonna and Child between St. John and St. Benedict” (the latter coming from the Sforzesco Castle in Milan ), Sgarbi proposed to the mayor and the councilor an exhibition of the triptych in Messina, starting with the phrase “you have the undersecretary on your side….!!” This morning, accompanied by Mayor Basile, Sgarbi wanted to visit the GAMM at the Palacultura. He was present with Dr. Giovanna Famà and Prof. Antonio Calabrese