Isabella Internò’s cousin testifies at the Bergamini trial: “Invented accusations”


By John

The trial for the murder of the midfielder of the city football team Donato «Denis» Bergamini, from Argenta (Ferrara), in which his ex-girlfriend at the time Isabella Internò is accused of murder, has resumed in the Court of Assizes in Cosenza. volunteer in competition. This morning the woman’s cousin, Dino Pippo Internò, registered in the register of suspects in 2021, was heard for complicity in the crime. His position was then archived by prosecutor Luca Primicerio.
The Court, presided over by Judge Paola Lucente, resolved the reservations raised by the defendant’s defense, establishing that the man could be heard as a witness.
“Everything they accuse us of – said Internò – is pure invention.” During the long hearing, telephone and environmental interceptions were played. The civil party represented by the lawyer Fabio Anselmo, at the end of the hearing, said he was satisfied because “the witness is fundamental in this trial and has admitted a circumstance that is important for us”. The lawyer referred to the testimony of Tiziana Rota, who stated that a week before the murderduring a conversation, Isabella, referring to her cousins, had told her “shut up that if they know that Denis has left me they will kill him”.
Dino Pippo Internò partially confirmed this in the courtroom, replying that these are “just sayings”.
At the moment Isabella Internò has no intention of undergoing the exam, but “I don’t rule out – said her defender, lawyer Angelo Pugliese – that she may change her mind, she will certainly release spontaneous statements in the end”. The defense will resolve further doubts by September 18th. The trial will resume on September 26.