Calabria, tense climate on the reclamation consortium. Occhiuto-Borrello question and answer


By John

Remote question and answer between the governor Roberto Occhiuto and the former commissioner of the Calabria land reclamation consortium Fabio Borrello. At the center is the failure to prepare the Statute. In the morning Occhiuto confirmed his desire to approve the new Statute by December 31st, as required by regional law. But he also focuses on Borrello’s resignation, explaining that “I expected that a series of obligations had been achieved, such as the Statute, which instead had not been achieved”. He then reiterated his firm intention to see the reform through to the end.

Borrello’s reply came shortly after, saying he was “surprised and disconcerted” by the statements of the President of the Region “referring to alleged non-compliances” in his capacity as commissioner of the single Consortium. He takes up Occhiuto’s words on the Statute of the new Consortium and speaks of an “untruthful statement”, adding that “the president was certainly misinformed”. He then explains his version: «The preparation of the statute is a task, sanctioned by regional law, of the Agriculture Department. In any case and in any case, in full collaborative spirit, the undersigned, already on 8 November 2023, had sent the draft of the Statute to the Region”.

Also comes the reply from Giacomo Giovinazzo, general director of the Agriculture Department, for whom “the former extraordinary commissioner should have contributed to the construction of the Statute”. He recalls that «article 34, paragraph 4, of the law establishing the single Consortium, establishes that the Statute must be approved and adopted by 31 December 2023. Borrello – he highlights – sent, informally, a draft of the Statute only last December 6, draft lacking fundamental elements”. Now the offices “are rewriting it, to close by the end of the year”.
Not only that, he adds that «Borrello, together with its structure, should have prepared the personnel needs plan, the definition of the structure of the central offices and the territorial districts, the budget». Furthermore, he concludes, the former commissioner «did not carry out the coordination activity between the existing Consortia, which will be replaced by the single Consortium, he did not carry out the reconnaissance of the personnel and that of the works and works in progress: due to due to this conduct, some Pnrr financing is still at risk.”