Messina, drugs from Calabria and the Giostra drug dealing “central”: 500 years in prison imposed


By John

The “Impasse” trial ended with 47 convictions and 8 acquittals for almost 500 years in prison, which resulted in the anti-drug operation conducted in 2022 by the Messina anti-mafia district directorate against an organization that trafficked drugs and had its own headquarters in the Giostra district.

The investigations conducted by the Guardia di Finanza also made it possible to discover the supply channels in Calabria and Catania. Under consideration by the judge for preliminary hearings Claudia Misale it was the section that was judged with the abbreviated trial. Sentences ranging from a maximum of 20 years up to 1 year and 8 months in prison were imposed. Among others, Francesco Cuscinà and Giovambattista Cuscinà were sentenced to 20 years.
The operation began in December 2022 with 48 arrests in prison, 6 under house arrest and 7 with obligation to report to the Judicial Police.

Added to the investigations and wiretaps were the declarations of justice collaborators which allowed the investigators to reconstruct a dense network of relationships and illicit business of the association which could boast stable supply channels, essential to guarantee the constant flow of drugs various types, from cocaine, to marijuana and hashish.

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