Messina, equal to the last gasp at Turris’s home: Rosafio and Emmausso scored


By John

Turris – Messina 2-2

Markers: 8′ st Nocerino (T), 29′ st Rosafio (M), 47′ st aut. Frisenna (T), 51′ st Emmausso (M).

Turris (4-3-3): Marcone 5.5; Example 6 (28′ st Saccani 5.5) Maestrelli 6 Cocetta 6 (23′ st Serpe 5.5) Contessa 6; Scaccabarozzi 6 Franco Da. 6 Pugliese 5.5; Giannone 6.5 (23′ st D’Auria 5.5) De Felice 5.5 (28′ st Jallow 6) Nocerino 6.5 (39′ st Saccani sv). All. Menichini 6.

Messina (4-2-3-1): Fumagalli 5.5; Salvo 6 Manetta 5.5 Pacciardi 6 Ortisi 6; Frisenna 6 Franco Do. 5.5; Rosafio 7 (56′ st Polito sv) Emmausso 6.5 Zunno 6 (56′ st Civilleri sv); Plescia 5 (15′ st Luciani 5.5). Annex Modica 6

Referee: Nicolini of Brescia 6

Note: cautions Pugliese (T), Frisenna (M), Emmausso (M), Franco (M), Scaccabarozzi (T), Cocetta (T). Attendance 1,364. Corners 0-2. Recovery time 3′ part, 13′ part.

Sensational and daring equal to the “Liguori”. Messina’s good momentum continues, after two consecutive successes they get a golden point against Turris.
Campani immediately ahead: free kick from the left entrusted to Scaccabarozzi, Nocerino he corrects his header and beats Fumagalli, who appeared late at the start. Before the break Giannone crosses the crossbar for Turris.

In the second half Rosafio he takes possession of a ball that comes to him after a tackle, advances a few meters and then unleashes a surgical low shot that pierces Marcone.
Two goals in the final: first Jallow is favored by a sensational and decisive rebound from Frisenna which puts Fumagalli out of action, then Emmausso of precision in the area. Final brawl, with clashes between the two sides and objects thrown from the stands.

Photo Saya