Messina, extraordinary maintenance work on the municipal and provincial roads of the Internal Nebrodi Area has been entrusted


By John

The Metropolitan City of Messina has proceeded with the award of the extraordinary maintenance works of the municipal and provincial roads falling within the municipal territories of the Internal Nebrodi Area, as part of the four-year Framework Agreement which will ensure the maintenance foreseen in the plan of improvement interventions of the accessibility of the internal areas.
The contract was awarded to the company Consorzio Stabile Acreide Soc. Coop. ARL of Zola Pedrosa (Bologna), for a contractual amount of €3,379,089.41.
Road safety measures are financed by funds allocated by Interministerial Decree no. 394 of 13 October 2021 of the Minister of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility in concert with the Minister for the South and Social Cohesion and the Minister of Economy and Finance
There are three intervention lots into which the twenty-one municipalities of the Internal Nebrodi Area have been divided. They fall into the west lot Santo Stefano di Camastra, Castel di Lucio, Tusa, Motta D’Affermo, Mistretta, Reitano and Pettineo.

The central one includes the Municipalities of Militello Rosmarino, Longi, Alcara Li Fusi, Sant’Agata Militello, San Fratello, Caronia and San Marco D’Alunzio.

In the east lot there are FRazzanò, Naso, Castell’Umberto, Galati Mamertino, Tortorici, Naso and San Salvatore di Fitalia.

The interventions, which vary according to needs and whose list is for simplicity’s sake, include the execution of general maintenance and repairs of sections of roads and pavements, implementation of excavations and new road foundations, deep rehabilitation of depressions or bulges , construction and repair of sections of white sewerage, manholes, manholes and drainage works and retaining walls, slope protection interventions, reconstruction of road signs, cleaning of road gutters and drains, replacement of road grates, placement of safety barriers and arrangement of lateral protection parapets and earth protection walls.

The company, during the execution of the works, depending on the type of the same, will have to guarantee the constant intervention of four operational road construction work teams, one for each lot and the fourth emergency to support the activities of the Lot that may have more difficulty in respecting contractual deadlines. The deadline for completing all the works included in the contract is set at 30 March 2026 in order to deliver the work already tested by 31 December 2026.