Messina fires, five canadairs allowed the flames to be extinguished


By John

«The massive use of five canadairs made it possible to bring the vast fire under control which had for hours created an emergency situation in Messina and which was causing concern in the citizens close to the Catarratti stream. Also in this case, the synergy between ground teams and air vehicles is fundamental. As in Salemi, where the fire around Monte Polizzo has been limited and does not seem to cause particular alarm ». The president of the Sicilian Region says so Renato Schifaniconstantly updated by the operations rooms of the Forestry Corps and Civil Protection.

«After the further interventions in the morning – continues the governor – the overall situation seems to be clearly improving, even if there are other outbreaks in some areas of the island, the last one in Calatino, fueled by strong winds. Precisely for this reason, attention remains at the highest levels with national and regional air vehicles that have already been moved to other objectives”.

There are currently 22 fires in progress: two in Agrigento, four in Caltanissetta and Catania, one in Enna and Palermo, seven in Messina and three in Trapani. There are three Canadairs in action and the same number of helicopters.