The road to the Marina is still closed, as is the Theater. The denunciation of the Cetraro group in Action


By John

“Is it sloppiness or incompetence?” The question is asked by the political group Cetraro in Azionerepresented in the City Council by the former mayor and regional councilor Giuseppe Aieta, in reference to what they claim is the lack of commitment of the municipal administration led by the mayor Ermanno Cennamo in relation to persistent closure of two important works, the road that connects the Center to the Marina and the Municipal Theater.

“There has been no news on the road since the end of May – highlighted the members of the group in a note – except to see an important road even cleaned up in July, but still closed. The second concerns the Municipal Theater. Here the story becomes complicated and touches the grotesque because the Mayor, on the occasion of a Christmas initiative of Il Sipario, had promised emphatically that it would be reopened last March.Now, the questions are two: either we talk nonsense without knowing the problems or the problems they know each other and sloppiness has invaded Palazzo Pallottini. In both cases, it would be advisable for those who still have political credibility and support this administrative Titanic to pull the plug and restore hope to the citizens”.