Messina forced to overturn the predictions against league leaders Juve Stabia


By John

End of chatter, now word to the camp. It was a tough week for Messina, the one that led to today’s match against league leaders Juve Stabia. The Peloritani will have to do everything to get out of a dark period in terms of results and performances, coach Giacomo Modica is aware of this and, having received the trust of the owners, he has immersed himself in working with the team to rediscover that energy linked ideas failed in the last phase of the championship.
Respect and pride. In front of the top of the class, with several serious absences. But the Peloritani cannot make calculations: «We don’t look at the opponent’s conditions, nor the standings, Juventus could also arrive, we have to play our game, without thinking about who plays and who doesn’t in front of us. We need important proof, of respect and pride but also of our dignity. I expect a different tone compared to the latest home releases. Their numbers say that they have only lost once in the season, they have great pace and intensity of play, but if we think about this we shouldn’t even show up. We must focus on our problems – continues Modica -. The last opponents we have faced have proven to be superior, so by using our heads we must try to get out of the moment of difficulty, for which we take responsibility. I’m not looking for excuses or alibis but we weren’t phenomena before and we can’t have become idiots now.”
Pleasant football. The coach hopes it will be the crossroads match to regain points and serenity: «We have to get out of it, Avellino had also started badly, I said about Sorrento that they weren’t a bad team and also Giugliano who had been underestimated when they came here, are doing good things. They are cycles and moments. After nine days we were empathetically the most beautiful Messina in recent years seen here, we need to go back to offering pleasant football.”
Morale. And then there is the moral aspect, which is probably the most important at the moment: «The city talks a lot, four defeats cannot be forgotten like the points lost and given away, which weigh but we just have to honor and sweat the shirt , lately we haven’t succeeded. During the week we met as a group to understand where to improve and regain the sympathy of the fans.”
Training chapter. Having recovered Lia at the last minute, he is among those called up and could play from the start even if he didn’t train at his best during the week. Otherwise ready Save. Plescia is well and will lead the attack, with some run-offs in between. Two between Ragusa, Firenze and Emmausso on the field with the first two favourites. In the rotation of the overs, also keep an eye on Franco and Giunta. Scafetta, Ortisi and Frisenna at under altitude.