Messina, full squad with the signing of the young Darini


By John

The 24 pieces all inserted: with the signing of the young Darini made official and the arrival of the Maltese Under 21 Zammit, the Lega Pro “list” to face the Serie C championship has been completed.

Rearguard, with an asterisk. Fumagalli confirmed between the posts, but the second has changed and will no longer be Daga, rather De Matteis. Defensive line with Lia and the Messina under Salvo on the right, on the other side Tropea, who arrived on loan from Empoli, should start as a natural left-footed player. The alternatives are adaptations: Ortisi moved further back, from midfielder to defensive winger with more push, so too Polito who, reinvented as a central defender, could also “migrate” to the left lane. In the middle is the returning Manetta, the confirmed and “renewed” Ferrara, the left-handed player Pacciardi and, indeed, Polito (who played in Cerignola) or Darini.

The pawns of the midfield. Having served the disqualification, Franco will act as point guard. High-level footballer, already eager to take the keys to the midfield. He likes Buffa’s personality, a young man with a great desire for redemption and to demonstrate his worth. But also watch out for Frisenna who can easily play on that tile. Without forgetting Giunta, who adapted for his debut but is basically considered a midfielder, just like Frisenna. The other internal “weapons” are Firenze, who has already scored from a free kick, a pure talent who, once in condition, will become a point of reference on the board, as well as Scafetta who is the “protege” of coach Modica, in terms of pace, insertions and plays.
And we come to the attack. The long-awaited striker is Vincenzo Plescia, high expectations for him and a great desire to surprise. His “deputy” is a bet, that is Luciani. Promise hampered by injuries. Unpredictability, sprint, numerical superiority and spaces to be created on the laterals with Emmausso, Cavallo, Zunno and captain Ragusa. Zammit, therefore, is the latest arrival, a “joker” to be pulled out at the right time. Another weekend off, a great desire to get back on the pitch: we’ll have to wait until next Thursday, when Turris arrives at the “Franco Scoglio”.

The agreement with the schools. Meanwhile, a memorandum of understanding has been signed which will allow educational institutions in the entire province to benefit from the benefits provided as part of the season ticket campaign for the new sports season. In particular, the agreement concerns the 30% discount which will be given to Messina students of all levels.