He touches the bottom of the Spanish journalist Isa Balado on live TV: VIDEO arrested


By John

The Spanish national police arrested a man in Madrid on charges of “sexual assault” against a reporter, while the victim was engaged in a TV broadcast. The police’s social media channels reported this. The ‘Cuatrò’ TV channel, for which the attacked journalist works, reconstructed the dynamics of the incident, showing various images of the episode. The reporter, whose name is Isa Balado, was following live a case of theft in a shop in the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés, on behalf of the program ‘En boca de todos’. At that moment, according to what was shown in the TV images, the individual who was subsequently arrested approached her from behind and touched her bottom, while asking her: ‘What channel are you on?’

Faced with this situation, the presenter of the Nacho Abad program suspended the connection, while the Cuatro managers called the police. As shown by subsequent images from the channel itself, the man accused of the attack remained nearby even in the following minutes. “He continues to bother all the people he finds in front of him,” Balado said in a subsequent link. “What until now was ‘normal’ is no longer normal. #Enough is the cry of our country to guarantee the right to sexual freedom of all women”, commented the Minister of Equal Opportunities Irene Montero on the episode “stop impunity”. Messages of solidarity with Balado also arrived on social media from several professional colleagues.