Messina, it’s time for facts to avoid another season of suffering


By John

The position of the owners confirms the trust in the coach Giacomo Modica and the project started with him, a team dinner to consolidate the group and try to all come out together from the crisis of results in which Messina has fallen after the four consecutive defeats in the championship. Will it be enough to leave this dark period behind? (the worst of the current season).
Only the field and time will tell. On the horizon there is Juve Stabia who will arrive at the “Franco Scoglio” as leaders but without three players: Baldi, Candellone and Mignanelli. Then the “play-off” away match at Monterosi and to conclude the triptych which could prove decisive for the near future of the Giallorossi colours, the long-awaited derby with Catania. A tough cycle to understand whether for ACR it will be another season of suffering and passion, like the last two, to save the category, or the expected technical and emotional response will arrive, to be transformed into points useful for improving a ranking in this moment absolutely deficient.
Yesterday double training session for the Peloritano squad. Treatments for Lia and Buffa: the first recoverable due to Saturday’s internal match, the midfielder, however, is in serious doubt for the next championship match. Also apart from the goalkeeper and leader Ermanno Fumagalli, who will however return to training regularly today.
Regardless of the performers, a real shock will be needed. In performance, in attitude, in the desire to obtain a result, to get out of quicksand. To erase the “spectres” of the past that have been hovering over the entire environment for days now and above all over some of the fans. Who has every reason in the world to express concern about a change of pace which this year had been supported, promised and considered possible in terms of objectives, but which in substance is not proving to be such. Indeed, errors of evaluation and delays in planning for the well-known summer events risk once again weighing on them.
Love for the team is never discussed but that doesn’t mean having to accept whatever is dished out or that those who protest love less. And on the other hand it means that given the results, some changes are probably and will have to be considered. If not in the technical guide, at the moment as mentioned confirmed, at least in the staff structure which evidently needs reinforcements. Hoping we don’t end up including them when the situation is already semi-desperate. Also because miracles don’t always happen.
Waiting, for some hopeful for others anxious. And this time too, the usual sick “crossfires” should be avoided (combined with unreliable lessons of belonging without a present or history), which do no one any good, except probably to throw the wool over the eyes, to shift the attention that should remain on who holds the weight and the corporate and sporting responsibilities. Each with their own role, all the components. Now we just need to face reality and react.