Messina mocked by Crotone, Comi freezes the Giallorossi after the goal disallowed by Emmausso for a doubtful offside. Modica's anger


By John


Marker: st 34' Comi

Messina (4-2-3-1): E. Fumagalli 7; Lia 5.5 (43' st Salvo sv), Manetta 6, Dumbravanu 5, Ortisi 6; Frisenna 6 (46' st Civilleri sv), Franco 5.5 (46' st Firenze sv); Rosafio 5.5 (33' st Plescia sv), Emmausso 5, Ragusa 6 (43' st Scafetta sv); Zunno 6.5. Available Di Bella, J. Fumagalli, Polito, Zona, Salvo, Giunta, Cavallo, Luciani, Signorile. Annex Modica 6.
Crotone (4-2-3-1): Dini 7; Leo 5.5, Loiacono 6, Gigliotti 6, Giron 6.5; Zanellato 6.5, Felippe 6; Bruzzaniti 6 (15' st Crialese 6), D'Ursi 7, Tribuzzi 6; Comi 7 (37' st Vitale sv). Available D'Alterio, Bove, Gomez, Kostadinov, Battistini, D'Errico, Cantisani, Rispoli, Costa, Tumminello. All. Baldini 6.5.
Referee: Stefano Nicolini from Brescia 5
Assistants: Antonio D'Angelo from Perugia and Paolo Tomasi from Schio
Fourth official: Davide Galiffi from Alghero
Warned: Zanellato (C), Loiacono (C), Emmausso (M), Franco (M), Gigliotti (C), Manetta (M)
Expelled at 40' st Emmausso
Angles: 8-3 – Added time: 3' and 6'
Messina defeated at the “Franco Scoglio” by Crotone who prevailed 1-0 thanks to the goal scored in the 79th minute by Comi. A “dubious” goal, even if Crialese, author of the assist, seems to have started in a regular position. How regular was the goal scored by Emmausso who, at the start of the second half, had scored after a rush from Dumbravanu after Rosafio's corner. Mr. D'Angelo, however, signals an offside which is very doubtful. Messina who created a lot (Rosafio hits the crossbar in the first half and shoots at Dini in the second half) and who in the final also closes with ten men due to the expulsion of Emmausso who gives a far ball shot to Gigliotti. The Messina players also protested for a contact in the area on Rosafio.

Modica's anger

«Emmaussus? He's a repeat offender. I can't forgive him because I warned him. I don't know about his disallowed goal, they tell me it was offside and that's fine. I focus on the penalty not given to Rosafio and I don't accept it. I note, however, that we count for nothing. We must always be Messina, not just when it suits us.” Messina-Crotone, Modica: «We are missing a penalty, we count for nothing»