Reggina embraces Barillà and Salandria again and prepares its debut against San Luca


By John

Minus three at the start of the championship and a team that, despite many new arrivals in the last few days, is still to be completed. The picture of the new Reggina is very clear and confirms the difficulties that were hypothesized there might be in building a club from scratch, just a few days before the start of the championship. The future will also be created with the five players whose hiring was made official yesterday. This brings the number of players in the squad to sixteen, although new official announcements are already expected today.
There is no time even to make notes to the new club on what could have been and was not. There was perhaps the possibility of creating the conditions so that, even before receiving the assignment from the mayor, the current company could count on a technical project at a more advanced stage than it turned out to be.
But there is no time margin even to think too much about this aspect and perhaps the only adequate tool to overcome the moment is confidence in the future.
On Sunday we go on the pitch against San Luca, in a match that should be played in Locri for the work underway in the facility which usually hosts the Giallorossi team’s matches. For Trocini it will be very complicated to prepare for the match, finding himself working in a real “football construction site”.
The club has announced the hiring of goalkeeper Marco Fecit, born in 2005. The Italian-Argentine arrives on loan from Arezzo after a spell at Grosseto. He will probably be the alternative to the twenty-eight-year-old Miguel Angel Martinez, the Spanish goalkeeper who last year was the twelfth of Pordenone in Serie C. His arrival could already be made official today.
The new Reggina also announced the arrival of Argentine midfielder Enzo Fabricio Ponzo, born in 2004. Fresh from his last period in Serie D in Barletta, he arrives on a permanent basis and has signed a two-year agreement. As mentioned, the hiring of Nino Barillà was also announced (two-year agreement with him too). For the person concerned, a circle is closed which saw him start at a very young age from the “Sant’Agata” sports center, score goals in Serie A with the Reggina shirt in Buffon and then have an excellent career.
Returning to his city and to the club that wants to bring the Amaranth story back to life is a fact that will ensure experience and attachment to the team, but also a technical contribution from a superior category footballer and an important signal for the fans.
And, speaking of midfielders and amaranth in the heart, yesterday was also Francesco Salandria’s day. Ciccio is from Reggio by adoption and has always felt the Reggina shirt sewn on him. He has worn it since his youth days and up to the first team. He returns after three and a half years, in which he played with Catania, Viterbese, Lamezia, Cavese and Fidelis Andria. The 28-year-old has signed a two-year contract.
Reggina took another player from Reggio for the center of the defense, Domenico Girasole. Born in Reggio Calabria, born in 2000, he already has a fair amount of experience in Serie C. Last year he was a starter at Potenza (34 appearances and 3 goals). In previous years he had played in Foggia, after three championships in Serie D with Picerno, Casarano and Lanusei. In Reggio he had taken his first steps as a footballer with Reggina Calcio. After failing to register for the latter’s Serie C, in 2015 he continued his football growth in Avellino.
Yesterday, among other things, the transfer window that had been granted as an extension to the new Reggina closed at 8pm. In fact, the possibility of borrowing young players who are registered with professional clubs or players who play in amateur teams has been interrupted.
However, it is still possible to sign free players and among these it is assumed that the club and in particular the sporting director Maurizio Pellegrino can go and look for one of the missing pieces: the center forward capable of ensuring goals and physicality for the team. A role for which a couple of interpreters could also arrive and the company is very active on this front. Certainly the team’s roster, as indicated by the still limited number of personnel, is still to be completed.