Messina, the 51-year-old worker who fell from scaffolding in Montagnareale died


By John

Nino Spanò, 51 years old, has died the worker victim of an accident at work in Montagnareale on 20 December. After two months of agony, the 51-year-old’s heart stopped beating. According to a reconstruction of the incident, the man was carrying out some carpentry work in December in a building under construction in the city centre, a few steps from the church of Santa Caterina. The worker apparently lost his balance, for reasons still unknown, falling on his back from a scaffolding located about three meters above the ground and hitting his head violently on the asphalt.

The first aid was provided by some citizens of Montagnareale, who had noticed a man on the ground with a bloody face. He was immediately transported by ambulance to the emergency room of the “Barone Romeo” hospital in Patti where he was given initial treatment. From here the worker was urgently transferred to the Messina Polyclinic due to the serious clinical picture outlined by the doctors of the Patte hospital. Today death.

Oliveri in shock

The news of the death of Nino Spanò, yet another victim of an accident at work, has left the entire Olivero community dismayed and has rallied around the family of the 51-year-old worker. Many remember “Piras” smiling on social media, including friends from the Pro Loco, «That news that we would never want to arrive. Those news that leave us breathless, without an explanation, that leave us like this… without a reason… Where silence unites us, to give strength to his family, his two little ones and his wife. The entire Pro Loco Oliveri group sympathizes with the pain of the Spanó family in this delicate moment.” Condolences were also expressed by the municipal administration, «All of us sympathize with the pain of the Spanò – Calabrese family, for the premature death of Nino. We like to think that “Piras” is already organizing a chess game.”