Messina, the national prize “A day in the Senate” at the Maurolico high school


By John

The Maurolico classical high school wins the prize in the 19th edition of the national competition “Un giorno in Senato”, organized by the Senate of the Republic in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Merit. The first time for a school in Messina to be awarded the recognition thanks to the bill presented by the class IVC coordinated by teachers Olga Zappalà And Daniele Ialacqua by title “Provisions for widespread anti-seismic education and training throughout the national territory”; the class followed the various phases of the legislative process during the school year by interacting with the Senate’s digital platform. A great satisfaction for the manager Giovanna De Francesco for “the recognition of the Senate which adds to the many recognitions and prizes obtained during the 2023/2024 school year for the various educational and cultural activities of the institute”, as she herself declared.

“A day in the Senate” aims to promote among students the knowledge of the Senate of the Republic, its functions and the activities it carries out, allowing students to come into contact with the mechanisms of the legislative procedure in its various phases, from the presentation of a bill to its eventual approval by Parliament.

The competition, starting from the conception of a bill, includes a classroom research and in-depth activity and culminates, for the winning projects, in study and training meetings at the Senate of the Republic. The winning classes are invited to participate in study and training days organized at the Senate of the Republic during the following school year: a guided tour of Palazzo Madama and Palazzo Giustiniani; educational activity aimed at promoting knowledge of the Senate of the Republic: history, composition, bodies and their functions, activities, documentation produced and information channels for citizens; meeting with senators and representatives of the administration; simulation, by the students, of a parliamentary session dedicated to the discussion and vote on the bill they prepared as part of the training project.