Messina, the verification at Palazzo Zanca begins. But it is Cateno De Luca who gives… the votes


By John

«To say that everything is fine would be wrong.. There are critical issues and nuances to be corrected.” Cateno De Luca returns to Palazzo Zanca and does so as a protagonist. He “makes himself available” to Mayor Basile to carry out a review of the government team with him, from the assessors to the subsidiaries. And there is an air of exams, of those that can fail more than one.
“In the next ten months, everyone’s performance will have to be evaluated, so that informed decisions can be made when the “service” needs to be done.” He talks about the appointment next spring when the boards of directors of the participating companies will expire and a revolution could start. He offers himself, half seriously and half jokingly, as Basile’s free expert and then, with the host in the front row and him, alone, on the podium, he tries to distance himself from the coincidence of the “verification” with the results of the European elections. “We are at the halfway point,” he says. “The evaluation will not be based on who brought in the most votes but on real administrative performance. There are strategic objectives dictated by the mayor and there is a time frame for them to be achieved by the councilors and in turn by the participating companies. Have they been achieved? In how much time? If there is a problem in the supply chain, it must be solved.”

A “reviewer” job that however risks delegitimizing Basile who sees his political leader return to Zanca armed with scissors to cut the dead branches of a team that the mayor himself had defended en bloc right after the European elections, when he was already talking about the redde rationem. A tutor to whom everyone, by force of circumstances, will refer. « I am at Messina’s disposal – De Luca replies -. Here I made the leap in quality and the city made the same with me. I can accelerate the mayor’s action and I will be respectful of the roles. I will not be cumbersome – he says defending himself -. We are under political siege because this is our fortress and they know that if they weaken us here, the whole project falls. And since we are under attack because I am the target, and not Basile, then I will take the field at the site of the siege».

The assault De Luca is talking about would come from the regional sphere. He takes no prisoners and lashes out at Santi Trovato, chief engineer of the Civil Engineering Department. “You can’t think that a Sicilian regional structure would do whatever it took to conquer the fort,” De Luca says. “On the Città del Ragazzo, I don’t accept the obstructionism of the Civil Engineering Department, which blocked the action and only gave in to the prefect. The project shouldn’t have been authorized by the regional commission and it has been stretching our necks for eight months. Don’t block the city.” Trovato’s reply is immediate: “It’s true that since November we had been examining the Città del Ragazzo. But it’s also true that we have repeatedly requested documents to be able to conclude the procedure. The last document received from the Metropolitan City is dated June 21. On June 27 we concluded everything positively. And it’s not true that the procedure was unblocked only after the intervention of the prefect. The prefect only wanted to have an overview of the status of the city’s PNRR practices.”