Messina, two teachers of “Caio Duilio” attacked by the father of a student. But the family gives another version


By John

Horrible episode of violence today at Nautico Caio Duilio, where two professors were attacked by the parent of a student. It happened late in the morning at the Don Bosco headquarters, where some of the institute’s classes are currently located. The man had gone to school for communications regarding his sonhowever, the discussion soon degenerated and the two teachers who got the worst of it were transported by ambulance to the hospital.

The young man also went to hospital where he declared that he had been hit by a slap from a teacher and at that point he had requested his parents’ intervention. The family also specifies that last December the parents had already turned to a lawyer to report another unpleasant episode with violence suffered by the young man, again at the hands of the professor. The young man was examined in child neuropsychiatry and the case was reported to social services.

Police officers intervened on site and immediately started an investigation to reconstruct the dynamics of the events, listening to the young man’s classmates. Even the school now wants to shed light on what happened. An episode to be firmly condemned and which profoundly shook the Caio Duilio school community. Manager Daniela Pistorino prefers not to make statements on the facts as there are investigations underway, but wants to underline that: “Caio Duilio is a school of excellence, where the sense of belonging is strong (the boys wear a uniform) and the relationship with the civil and military institutions of the city. Episodes like this – says the manager – testify to a crisis of values ​​and a strong social malaise on which it is necessary to intervene effectively”.