Messina’s decisive turn: 18 points in the last two months. Three rounds of stoppage for Salvo


By John

He dreams of Messina having made it out of the play-outs, now six points away, projecting themselves towards a decidedly quieter area of ​​the league table. Never in the previous two Serie C championships had the Biancoscudati had such a reassuring margin in terms of safety: last year Messina had reached 29 points only on the twenty-ninth matchday, after the 2-0 victory in Latina; while in the 21/22 season after the twenty-eighth round (2-0 at home against Potenza). And the horizon appears decidedly more serene for Giacomo Modica’s men, who have changed especially from a mental point of view after the Black November and the only defeat which came in the last nine matches.
Awareness. Two months in which Messina has definitely made a turn, gaining 18 points, the result of five wins and three draws, which allow them to at least try to aspire to a playoff placement. It is premature to consider the goal of salvation as achieved, but after recent performances, Fumagalli and his teammates have the obligation to look at who is ahead in the standings, because trying to reach an unquestionably more ambitious goal will further increase confidence and self-esteem within the team. same Peloritan group. That self-awareness to be cultivated day after day that Modica has often spoken about. On Sunday in Avellino (kick-off at 4.15pm) Messina will face a truly important test which will say a lot about the role that the biancoscudati will be able to play in the final phase of the season.
Salvo out, and for three matches, so the sports judge decided in the afternoon, following the expulsion in the match with Virtus Francavilla. At the “Partenio” there will almost certainly be no Polito who Modica hopes to recover at least for the match against Sorrento, while the health status of Pacciardi, in the pits (although on the bench for the honor of signing) with Virtus for the worsening of back pain. There should be no particular worries, however, for Michele Emmausso, who came out prematurely and as a precaution against the Apulians and is ready to be decisive also in Avellino, after the four goals scored in the last four matches. Ermanno Fumagalli and Lino Ortisi will also be available again after serving their suspension.
Avellino opponent. The victory in Monopoli obtained thanks to Patierno’s penalty kick relaunches the ambitions of Avellino, second in the standings, seven points behind leaders Juve Stabia: «The boys have demonstrated their attachment to the shirt, the club and the fans – says the ‘coach Michele Pazienza – pulling off a performance of suffering and sacrifice and bringing home a very important result. I hope that this match can start a positive moment for us: we won in a dirty and rough way and this result could give us a greater boost towards the next matches.”