Michele Bruzzese, 11 years old from Melicucco on The Voice Kids. His voice and his smile excite


By John

Michele Bruzzese, a talented 11-year-old boy from Melicucco, thrilled everyone with an extraordinary performance of a masterpiece by Lucio Battisti on “The Voice Kids”. The broadcast, hosted by Antonella Clerici and with a jury composed of Clementino, Loredana Bertè, Arisa (the latter selected him and included him in her team) and Gigi D’Alessio, offers an exceptional platform for young talents like Michele.

The fact that Michele chose to pay homage to Lucio Battisti with the song “Pensieri e Parole”, written by Mogol and Battisti and published in 1971, adds a special touch to his performance. This song is considered a masterpiece not only for its engaging lyrics but also for its revolutionary arrangements of the time. Battisti’s collaboration with top-level musicians such as Franz Di Cioccio, Franco Mussida, Flavio Premoli of PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi), Alberto Radius of Formula 3, Dario Baldan Bembo and Damiano Dattoli, certainly contributed to the extraordinary success of the single.

It’s always great to see young talents honoring Italian music, especially through the works of iconic artists like Lucio Battisti. Michele Bruzzese seems to have a promising future in the world of music, and his performance on “The Voice Kids” is certainly an unforgettable moment for all those who have been lucky enough to see him perform.