Miss Zimbabwe is white. But controversy erupts on social media against Brooke Bruk-Jackson: “she doesn’t represent us”


By John

Born and raised in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, Brooke Bruk-Jackson21, was crowned Miss Universe Zimbabwe and therefore will rightfully represent the African nation at the next Miss Universe competition. However, “the excitement surrounding her victory is marred by a wave of mixed reactions”, writes the online portal The Zimbabwean, noting that many argue that the choice “is contaminated by racial prejudices», while on social media there are those who claim that «she secured the crown because she is white». Some people found it strange that since Brooke Bruk-Jackson was the only white woman among the 25 contestants, she was named the winner. Others have pointed out that in Zimbabwe 98% of the population is black and therefore Brooke does not really represent the country. But there are also those who defended the choice, writing that «the reactions of Zimbabweans are truly shameful and disgusting. Brooke is from Zimbabwe, period! During the competition, the new miss was asked what her greatest fear was and she, perhaps foreseeing the controversy that would then be raised, replied: «I would like anyone who enters my life to be inspired and transformed not by my appearance, but by what is inside my heart.”