Municipality of Reggio Calabria, the center-right looking for 4 votes


By John

«From 10 to 30 days: these are the waiting times to discuss the end of a council that has not kept the promises made to the city». A clear and unambiguous message that the centre-right opposition councilors together address to all citizens, after having summarized in 16 points the reasons formulated in the motion of no confidence signed by 13 councilors. “Returning to the polls is the only possible path, there are no longer the conditions to carry forward this Administration – declare the councilors – Reggio is going through a difficult moment and needs strong, stable, serious leadership”.

«In the next few days we will try to involve 4 colleagues, including the opposition colleague (?) Pazzano, and others from the majority, who have the fate of the city at heart. If only for a principle of coherence, given that one of the points of the motivations of the motion takes up verbatim the words expressed by the PD in the statement released in recent days “considering that the Mayor has perpetrated an individualistic, personalistic and anti-democratic management of public affairs”” .