'Ndrangheta, maxiblitz in Cosenza: no suspect responds to the investigating judge


By John

The investigating judge's decision is awaited on the precautionary measures of most of the suspects who ended up in the maxiblitz of recent days which involved 142 people belonging to and close to the Cosentino clans. In recent days the guarantee questions were held, which continued today. Almost everyone has always made use of the right not to respond and only someone has made spontaneous statements without answering the investigating judge's questions.
The suspects are accused, in various capacities, of various crimes including 'Ndrangheta-type association, criminal association aimed at drug trafficking, aggravated by mafia methods and purposes, as well as other crimes, also aggravated by mafia methods and purposes. Among these, a financier also ended up in the investigators' network, Enrico Dattisagainst whom suspension from public service was ordered.
The raid involved several members of the historic Lanzino-Patitucci gang and the Gypsy clan also operating in the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas of Cosenza. They also ended up under the lens of the Catanzaro DDA Michele Di Puppo And Adolfo D'Ambrosio considered by the investigators to be leading exponents of the Cosenza clans. The statements of some justice collaborators are crucial for the purposes of the investigation. The repentants told how the Cosenza clans and the new generation of criminal organizations managed drug trafficking and extortion. The defense of the suspects is ready to appeal to the Court of Review. Meanwhile, investigations by the Catanzaro DDA continue.