Near tragedy in Roccella, two young Ukrainians hit by a train: only fractures

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By John

Near tragedy on the southern outskirts of Roccella along the Marina di Gioiosa – Roccella railway section. Two young Ukrainian citizens, guests in Roccella for several months following the war emergency in Ukraine, one aged 17 and the other 16, were “hit” in the Pantano district by a Reggio Calabria-Catanzaro Lido regional train (there were no passengers on board). Fortunately, the two citizens from the East were grazed (the 17-year-old more so) by a side part of the same train, which after the collision, at a distance of about 300 meters from the place of impact, immediately stopped allowing so the train conductor must immediately raise the alarm. One of the two young people, namely RA, suffered a fracture of a femur and an arm as well as some bruises, wounds and abrasions in several places on the body. The second young man, 16-year-old MM, however, managed to move slightly further away from the tracks than his friend and only suffered abrasions in some parts of his body.

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