New era of smartphones, with Samsung, Artificial Intelligence arrives in your pocket


By John

A new era opens for smartphones. They will be able to translate a phone call in real time by breaking down language barriers, transcribe a conversation between multiple participants and produce summaries, search for detailed information without leaving an app but simply by circling an element. All this is possible thanks to generative artificial intelligence which has had a boom with ChatGpt: Samsung is leading the way with the Galaxy S24 smartphone line and which has entered into an agreement with the pioneer Google. «The Galaxy S24 series transforms the connection with the world around us and kicks off the next decade of mobile innovation – says TM Roh, President of Samsung Electronics, from the event stage in San Jose, California – Users all over the world will be able to enhance their daily lives by discovering new possibilities.”

Generative artificial intelligence optimizes many experiences of using the new series of Samsung phones. It allows, for example, to translate voice and text in real time in a phone call; transcribe a conversation between multiple participants; help you write a message in a desired style; offer a summary of scheduled activities and create note-taking templates; while the artificial intelligence built into the Samsung keyboard can translate messages, emails and more into 13 languages ​​in real time. In short, a pro-active assistant, an evolution of the most executive digital assistants we know. On Samsung’s flagship phones, search is also changing thanks to the agreement with Google. Two Big G managers took to the stage in San Josè to explain how the Gemini artificial intelligence enters Android and then cascades onto Samsung phones (in the future also onto other devices with this operating system on board). For example, the ‘Circle and search’ function arrives, a new way to search for information from the web without changing apps but simply by circling the content of interest: the AI ​​will return the most disparate information.

It’s still: in the car Android Auto will automatically summarize the messages, suggesting responses while you concentrate on driving. Finally, in the photographic field, artificial intelligence comes into play with the set of ProVisual Engine functions to especially improve night shots or shots in low light, retouch images by moving people and objects, filling empty spaces. This new generation of devices is practically already here: it consists of three models (S24, S24 Plus and S24 Ultra), which can be pre-ordered from today and available on the market from 24 January, also in Italy. Prices start from 929 euros for the S24 model and reach 1,859 for the top of the range. According to analysts at Counterpoint Research, the next three years, from 2024 to 2027, Over 1 billion of this type of devices, which in jargon are called GenAI smartphones, will be placed on the market. It is likely that they will shake up the stalled sector and with Samsung the challenge between the big names in technology has just opened. Google will soon bring generative AI to its Pixel phones and then it will be Apple’s turn. The Cupertino giant, according to recent news, has returned to the top of sales after 13 years, displacing Samsung itself.