New prosecutor of Messina: on February 7th the choice between Rosa Raffa and Antonio D’Amato


By John

Next February 7th we will know who the new prosecutor of Messina is. The plenum of the CSM has in fact included on the agenda of the work of 7 February, among the various decisions to be adopted, also that of the new head of the Peloritano investigative office.
In November the Commission for Management Positions was sensationally divided in half between the two candidates, who will now be examined by the plenum. It’s about Rosa Raffa and Antonio D’Amato, both acting as deputy prosecutors. The first right in Messina, where he has held the office for over a year, since the former prosecutor Maurizio de Lucia he went to the Palermo Prosecutor’s Office, the second to Santa Maria Capua Vetere.
The officials in the commission had voted for Raffa Andrea Mirenda (independent), Roberto D’Auria (Unicost) and Antonello Cosentino (Area). For D’Amato, who was a councilor of the CSM elected with the independent judiciary group, the lay people had voted Daniela Bianchini (FdI) and Ernesto Carbone (Iv), and Mi Maria Luisa Mazzola.
There were fifteen magistrates vying for the position of chief prosecutor in Messina. They were all prestigious names, almost all serving between Sicily and Calabria, many with significant experience against Cosa Nostra and the ‘Ndrangheta. Some had already worked in Messina.
Rosa Raffa She has been in the judiciary since February 1989. Her first assignment was as deputy to the Prosecutor’s Office of Syracuse in March 1990. In November 1993 she was transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office of Messina. You also led a prosecutor’s office, that of Patti, for 8 years.
Antonio D’Amato he was most recently a member of the CSM, elected in October 2019. From 2015 to 2019 he was deputy prosecutor in Santa Maria Capua Vetere. He began his professional career as a prosecutor at the Palmi Prosecutor’s Office in 1989. From March 1993 he was at the Naples Prosecutor’s Office, then continued his commitment to the DDA.