Observations of the architects on the Catanzaro PSC: «Land consumption increases»


By John

The path of discussion on contents is the one on which the Municipal Structural Plan game is being played. To be involved, on the one hand the municipal administration with the deputy mayor and councilor for urban planning, Giusy Iemma, and on the other the technicians and professionals of urban planning and construction from Catanzaro. The planning conference platform will still be active for about a month, but in the meantime the architects, surveyors and industrial experts intended to promote a meeting with the Municipality and the Dinale design studio, which drew up the preliminary PSC approved in recent months , to tackle the analysis of the document together. Meeting in which the president of the Order of Architects of the province of Catanzaro, Eros Corapi, wanted to underline the importance of a collaborative and constructive approach to the document to reach the optimal definition of the instrument that will determine the future of Catanzaro.
Since the approval of the preliminary PSC by the Council, the professionals have created a working group made up of “urban planners and architects who deal with urban planning” which has issued a document full of observations and evaluations on the PSC which raises questions about the failure of the previous plan and on the future of the capital: the previous plan, in fact, envisaged a demographic growth (up to 120 thousand inhabitants) which not only did not occur, but the city saw its resident population collapse to around 84 thousand people. Circumstance that must lead to a rethinking of urban planning tools also based on the changed social condition and the new habits of travel, consumption and use of spaces resulting from the Covid-19 season.