On Big Brother he is already the protagonist: the Calabrian Giuseppe Garibaldi


By John

The 17th edition of the event began on Monday evening Big Brother (but the number rises to 24 if the “VIP” editions are also counted), broadcast on Canale 5 hosted by Alfonso Signorini, with the participation of Cesara Buonamici and Rebecca Staffelli. The first big news announced in months is that there are no differences between VIPs and non-VIPs (defined as VIPs and Nips). And the studio has also changed. Goodbye to the historic headquarters of Cinecittà, the new location is in the Voxson Center in via Tor Cervara, in Rome.

It’s a Big Brother Mix, as we will see well-known characters and perfect strangers. At the center of this edition, as desired by Pier Silvio Berlusconi, are stories. And among the 21 protagonists of this edition there is also a Calabrian with a name that is quite a program (and which is already becoming popular on social media): Giuseppe Garibaldi, thirty-year-old from Santa Cristina d’Aspromonte, third of four children, who works as a school assistant.

A strong and determined personality is that of Giuseppe, the fifth brilliant and witty competitor to enter the house, who, just like the homonymous hero of the two worlds who unified Italy, proposed himself, during Signorini’s interview, as the one who will unite the fates of the contestants of the reality show most loved by Italians. «Relatives to the hero of the two worlds? – said Giuseppe during the live broadcast –. There are those who say yes, there are those who say no. But I carry this name with great pride.”

Giuseppe – look at that – entered the house in the company of a multi-graduate competitor named Anita, sparking witty jokes and hilarity. VHe comes from a simple family and has a good relationship with his mother. He said: “I dream of a permanent job.” Curiosity: her surname could derive from a simple mistake in the registry office, as she revealed in the studio. Passionate about football, he played for the local team of Santa Cristina. For some years he has been actively involved together with other young people from his town in the establishment of a committee of which he is president, the “Comitato Giovani Cristinesi”, aimed at highlighting local traditions.

Giuseppe did several auditions in Rome, and when he received the OK for the most famous reality show in Italy he decided to try this experience, also at the suggestion of his brother who stated that «for Giuseppe it will be an opportunity to talk about his life as a boy from southern Italy, who like many other young southerners are forced to abandon their family, friends, their roots, to go in search of work in the north.” Giuseppe is in fact deeply attached to his homeland which he left to work, but returns periodically to visit relatives and friends, particularly in the summer.

Santa Cristina d’Aspromonte and all the towns in the Aspromonte hinterland are ready to cheer for Giuseppe, hoping that he can stay as long as possible inside the Big Brother House.