Venice, Giovanni Moschella brought Messina to the red carpet


By John

The first red carpet in Venice is never forgotten. «Yes, it was a great emotion, also because until the last moment I didn’t think I would have to go through it…». Giovanni Moschella, the actor from Messina who has lived in the Marche for some time, responds with the disenchantment of someone who knows he has long deserved success and now that he has arrived, a little late, keeps his feet on the ground.
Chosen by Saverio Costanzo after three auditions, Moschella he is in the cast of the film “Finamente l’alba”, in competition at the Venice Film Festival.

An important role, which allowed him to share the set with great American actors, such as Lily James, Willem Defoe, Rachel Sennott and Joe Keery. «An experience I will never forget. They are actors who don’t hold back, with immense professionalism, they look at their colleagues as equals, even if, once the set is closed, everyone goes their own way.” In short, connection and not friendship. «Yes, but I wouldn’t have imagined that one day Defoe would come to me and ask me to do a memory test. I continued to call him maestro.”

The film also stars the Italians Rebecca Antonaci, Alba Rohrwacher, Sofia Panizzi, Carmen Pommella, Enzo Casertano and Michele Bravi. It all takes place in a single night, when the young Mimosa, in the Cinecittà of the 1950s, sees her life transformed following a group of American actors. «I am Ugo – says Moschella –, owner of the villa where a party is taking place, a character inspired by one of the protagonists of the Montesi case, which made Rome tremble well of the time. I also had the chance to improvise, which was an added joy as an actor.” And now? «Costanzo called me for a role in the next series of “My Brilliant Friend”. Then we’ll see what happens after the release of the film, in theaters from December 14th.”

Moschella started in Messina together with Giorgio Bongiovanni, who is now an established actor and director. The professional debut, due to a choice by Maurizio Marchetti, took place in 1984 in the “Corda a tre capi” with Arnoldo Foà. Then many participations in films and fiction, but above all a lot of high-level theatre. «Next season too I will be on stage with “I Macbeth”, alongside Vetrano and Randisi». Will we see him again in Messina, where Moschella was also a board member of the Theater Authority? «I hear of constant postponements of appointments and of no attention for local artists». What can you and others do? «I get by with a joke: in the absence of calls from Messina we are “forced” to walk the red carpet in Venice».