On the eve of the Italian Cup for Cosenza against Berardi’s Sassuolo. Rigione marries in Avellino

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By John

For a player who returns another who greets. Yesterday was another busy day for the Cosenza.
The Bruzia company, after a while of waiting and the completion of the last bureaucratic steps, has formalized the return of Manuel Marras. The Genoese, as already known, settled permanently on the bank of the Crati by signing a contract until 30 June 2025. Compared to the previous operations concluded in this summer session, the engagement of Marras represents a novelty because it is the first of which Cosenza has become the owner of the card to all intents and purposes. The footballer could earn a part of the match immediately, against Sassuolo, despite having trained on his behalf this summer. This afternoon Fabio Caserta will dissolve the doubts about it during the finishing. First, at 16.45, he will present himself at the press conference and already there his idea of ​​him on the matter could filter.

In the meantime, anticipation for the Rossoblù’s debut in the Coppa Italia is growing, as confirmed by the constantly growing pre-sale data: last night there were already 6,000 tickets sold. In the meantime, a high caliber piece is preparing to leave the group, captain Michele Rigione, around whom the transfer market chatter has kept the decibels low a few times in the last year. The 32-year-old defender born in Cava de’ Tirreni said goodbye and moved to Serie C side Massimo Rastelli’s Avellino. The footballer, who played 66 games and scored three goals with the Cosenza shirt, was seen little on the pitch in this pre-season phase and even against Frosinone, curiously, he gained the playing field after the coach had adapted Cimino in the central role. With his departure, the rossoblù completely reset the coordinates traced by Roberto Goretti after readmission to Serie B following the failure to grant the national license to Chievo Verona. From the rubble of the Clivensi, the former Sila market man had also fished Sauli Vaisanen, who already said goodbye to the city at the end of June, when his contract expired.

At this point, Sporting Director Gemmi will intervene again in the backlog to fix the flaw that has arisen.
There has been talk of another return, that of Michael Camporeseabout to receive the official release from the FIGC.
The Tuscan from Tirrenia was injured at the end of last season and is on course for recovery. To complete the process, he is focusing on regaining strength. The profile of the former Fiorentina player is not the only one on the sporting director’s agenda, who can work by rummaging through the list of free agents.

New shirt. In the meantime, the Sila club unveiled the first shirt of this season yesterday. However, he will not wear a tunic against Sassuolo but starting from the match against Ascoli on his debut in the championship.
It’s called “Laser”. «Night debut in the city even before the “Marulla” for the new shirt. A tribute – the choice of a shooting in some of the many places in the heart of Cosenza – to the entire capital and the entire provincial territory, for a uniform that is the symbol of an entire people and its unparalleled passion. Made by Nike, in collaboration with Linea Oro Sport and Cosenza football, the shirt is characterized by the intertwining of the club’s symbolic colors. The background is blue, while the horizontal stripes are red (a return after several years) which literally embrace the wolf (the footballer and the fan), representing its indissoluble bond, like a second skin. Horizontal stripes that give a “Laser” effect to it». It has been on sale since yesterday afternoon in the official store in via Araba.