Forza Italia and Berlusconi’s political legacy, Pier Silvio ‘tempted’ to continue the action father but…

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By John

I would like to continue my father’s action but… Who in these days in FI has spoken with Pier Silvio Berlusconi has collected doubts, questions but also the temptation that a descent into the fieldalmost thirty years after the Knight’s move that changed the history of Italian politics, cannot be completely excluded.

Now there are the holidays, we will see later, and then there is the care of company affairs, the reasoning confided to more than one interlocutor. After all, Mediaset is pursuing a European growth strategy, especially in Germany, “it would be difficult for him to deal with anything else,” says a member of the force.

But that survey, unveiled by the Corriere, according to which 68% of FI voters would like a return to Berlusconi is another sign that the second son of the former prime minister is interested in politics, « something – underlines a blue ‘big’ – that didn’t exist before».

In Forza Italia, engaged on the road to the congress and following the line dictated by Deputy Prime Minister Tajani, they are talking about it subtly. And not only because the CEO of Mediaset did not close the door to such a perspective in recent interviews and intervened personally at the Berlusconi trophy for the Monza-Milan match, also with Marta Fascina at his side. “Papa’s story should not be forgotten. He was a great sports man, he always loved his Milan and Monza and he always got us used to miracles. For us children – he observed – this evening is proof of my father’s greatness and humanity for the love he gave to sport and to Italy ».

No political act, of course, but not a few in FI report that Pier Silvio is thinking about following in his father’s footsteps. And with great humility, in the awareness that it wouldn’t be quite easy to handle the pressure and present yourself to the Italians in a different guise. For now there is – on the part of the Berlusconi family – the guarantee of the will to support the party and above all to defend the figure of the father to the sword. He’s always done it recently too the eldest daughter Marina who is personally committed to rejecting the judicial attacks aimed at her father. In short, that never in politics pronounced so many times by Pier Silvio would become a ‘never say never’. Many, if not all, exclude that there may be news in view of the European Championships, “if anything, the next policies”, ventures a blue manager. The party would obviously welcome the hypothesis very much. But the awareness – also observes another force enthusiast – is that it is only a question of a generic interest. In short, rumors, for now nothing more.