Overwhelmed by a freak wave, a 28-year-old Italian woman dies in Portugal


By John

A 28-year-old Italian tourist died in Madeira, Portugal, after being overwhelmed by a freak wave while taking photos on a cliff: this was reported by the media from Macerata, the province where the young woman was originally from. The accident occurred on Thursday afternoon and today the death of the young woman, who graduated in Medicine and specialized in psychiatry in Padua, where she worked, was declared.

Margherita, this is her name, was on vacation with her younger sister Ester, a researcher, her mother, a teacher and former mayor of Colmurano, and her father, an entrepreneur. She was with her sister on the beach when she climbed up the cliff to take a photo but a wave made her fall and hit her head. Taken to the hospital, her conditions immediately appeared critical due to the head trauma and the water that had entered her lungs.

«An unthinkable misfortune», commented the mayor of Colmurano, Mirko Mari, «Even though Margherita studied away from home, we often met her in Colmurano and she was active with the kids of Borgo futuro», a local project that promotes solidarity and sustainability.