Paterno, “Donneincammino”: great success for the project linked to the workshops for personal and professional growth


By John

The project concluded in a climate of supportive emotion and concrete action, registering a great success in terms of participation, enthusiasm and involvement. Women on the Road – Workshops for personal and professional growth, promoted by the DonneinCammino Association led by the lawyer Mariuccia Campolo.
The project, funded by the Calabria Region with resources from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies under the Notice for the support of projects of local relevance promoted by volunteer organizations, has seen the birth and development of a series of laboratories and workshops aimed at promoting the enhancement and discovery of the creative skills of the participants.
The idea behind the initiative was to create a series of training, artistic and professional paths aimed at women that, projected towards an entrepreneurial path, lead to a self-awareness aimed at self-employment, effectively creating a process of female empowerment.
The workshops were led by Ivana Russo (Photography Workshop), Michele Trotta and Elena Giorgiana Mirabelli (Writing Workshop), and Eva Intrieri (Fashion and Restyling Workshop).

The works produced during the laboratories and workshops were the subject of a final exhibition held at the Open Air Museum of Paterno Calabro, in the Orticelle district.

“We are proud of the path we have taken and the results obtained – declared the president of the DonneinCammino Association, Mariuccia Campolo – above all because we have highlighted once again how to transmit knowledge and then transform that knowledge into skills, both seminal, generative and rhizomic activity. The very concept of the workshops, which have placed self-employment as the starting and finishing point of a path of female empowerment, has allowed us to have a conceptual compass to follow. Our goal is the awareness of being, of the Self as a resource for ourselves, independent but at the same time connected in an ecosystem of the larger existence, both material and conceptual. The Association’s thanks and my personal thanks go to all those who have participated in our project as leading actresses of their own path, but also to the teachers, sensitive and visionary. We work to change, in our small way, our reality and to ensure that no woman, in her path, can feel isolated, alone or lost. We are certain, with this project, that we have achieved our goal”.