Pd Calabria, health and school at the top of the agenda for the resumption of institutional activity


By John

The PD group met again in the Regional Council when institutional activity resumed after the summer break.

The meeting, conducted by the president Mimmo Bevacquaaddressed the main issues that Calabria will have to face in the coming months, with particular attention paid to healthcare and school.

The Calabrian healthcare crisis is there for all to see and perhaps the sector is facing the worst moment in its history. Precisely for this reason, a decisive change of pace in management and investments are needed that give a decisive turn towards public and universal healthcare, the objective of the Democratic Party at all levels.

The Dem’s commitment on the matter continues intensely after the initiative that took place in Cosenza a few days ago and in which party representatives from five Italian regions participated and the presentation of a bill to ask for an increase in resources, filed a few days ago. In fact, a new public initiative is planned for next September 27th in Lamezia. The meeting will address the topic of local medicine, a fundamental tool for guaranteeing the right to health in a uniform manner throughout the territory.

To try to manage the emergency that is occurring in the school sector, with cuts and downsizing, the dem councilors will meet the trade unions to try to find the most appropriate solutions to guarantee the right to study and prevent many countries in the hinterland may lose their schools, a bastion of culture and legality.

Furthermore, a meeting with the Calabrian mayors to take stock of the implementation of some reforms introduced by the centre-right regional council which are creating quite a few difficulties for the administrations, starting from the one that established Arrical and modified the water management system.

The PD group then gave its support to the proposal coming from the centre-right regarding the rebalancing of the competences of the Commissions of Palazzo Campanella. An adhesion bound to the guarantee that the Prime Minister Mancuso provided during the meeting of the Conference of group leaders for a timely review of the bodies also from the point of view of the members.