Pd Cosenza, regeneration vanishes among the… currents


By John

In the Cosenza dem laboratory, the phase of political regeneration seems to be stranded among the remnants of a party that has fallen apart and is corroded by currents. The current divisions dig a ditch in the midst of discontent which risks dispersing the party in the ruinous folds of a liturgy of discord which is amplifying ulcerative colitis and the sense of disorientation. The hotbeds of rebellion are burning almost everywhere and it will not be easy to quickly free ourselves from the weight of crossed vetoes and currents. But the party still releases that identity that has allowed it to dig a furrow in the Italian left and appeals are also coming from the area of ​​dissent.
The accusations a Caruso Giacomo Mancini, Sergio De Simone, Alessandro Grandinetti, Saverio Carlo Greco, try to suggest a course correction: «The electoral passage of the renewal of the Brussels parliament represents a fundamental appointment. In Cosenza, in particular, a difficult political game is being played, in a field made almost impracticable by the local administrative situation.”